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Nor Cal Ride Challenge Silent Q 02 | Jun 25 - Jul 10

Event location

Trail House

4036 Montgomery Drive , Santa Rosa, California 95405

25 June 2022 00:00 - 10 July 2022 00:00

To mark the official beginning of summer we're continuing the theme of recycling routes from the Bike Monkey zine circa 2008. Issue #2 provides the inspiration for Silent Q 02. The cover story was all about the Grasshopper Adventure Series, and there was also a story about the fabled SMART train. So here we are with a faithful recreation of Silent Q 02 “An honest race for honest riders”. This course is longer and just as rowdy as 01!

The original route was counter-clockwise for solo riders, with the option for teams to go in both directions and present a cumulative time. We're loosening that up a bit and allowing all riders to go in either direction. Counter-clockwise has more chill climbs and rowdy descents with Two Quarry and Cobblestone, whereas clockwise has more technical climbs and mostly smoother descents. 

It's like two challenges for the price of one, and we might look at combined times as well!

Ride Silent Q 02 anytime from June 25 to July 10
f8357f36de73487c4372f33366969f4e_47ca80dbc85f20b2.jpg21.6 miles | 2,639 feet



NAME YOUR RIDE: NorCal Ride Challenge or Silent Q.

BONUS CATEGORY: Got a single speed? Ride it for The Silent Q and tell us in your ride name.


  1. Join the NorCal Bike Sport Strava club and opt in to the NCBS Ride Challenge
  2. Use a GPS device to record your ride
  3. Ride the complete segment on the specified date(s)
  4. Upload your ride to Strava before 6 pm on the final day of the challenge, and make your ride public
  5. Share your photos using #norcalbikesport #norcalridechallenge #silentq
  6. Results will be published as a post on the NorCal Bike Sport Strava club
  7. Riders are responsible for checking that their time is recorded on the segment


  1.  By opting into the NorCal Bike Sport Strava club, each such opting in rider (i) thereby acknowledges that cycling is an inherently dangerous activity and thereby agrees to assume all risks related thereto; (ii) thereby agrees to not hold NorCal Bike Sport, or any of its officers, directors, employees or affiliates, liable or responsible, to any degree, for any damages or injury resulting from such rider's participation in the NCBS Ride Challenge; (iii) warrants and represents that he/she has read and understands these Rules of Engagement; and (iv) thereby agrees to adhere to these Rules of Engagement 
  2.  Follow the rules of the road, obey all traffic laws, and ride safely
  3. Every rider is responsible for their own safety, food, water, equipment, and navigation
  4. There are no course markings or any kind of rider support
  5. Be respectful to other road and trail users
  6. Only NorCal Bike Sport Strava club member results will be posted
  7. Multiple attempts are allowed8. Results may be posted on Strava, email, social media and other locations
Nor Cal Ride Challenge Silent Q 02 | Jun 25 - Jul 10